Customer Testimonials

Steve Bailey

“My Team and I whole-heartedly recommend All Maid Cleaning services. We use them exclusively for many reasons – prompt service, competitive prices, their professional but very friendly attitude and also their attention to detail. We get excellent feedback from all the clients whose homes we ask them to spruce up and I also use them for my personal home. Jodie is great at what she does and she has wonderful staff that really care about the work they do.”

Dr. Deepa Takhar

I find All Maid Cleaning a very professional and competitive company. Jodie and her team cleans the offices and my home, she is a life saver. I would recommend her to everyone.

Faisal Susiwala

I am extremely pleased with All Maid cleaning services and Jodie. Presenting my listings at their best is an integral part of a successful sale. Jodie and her team allow me to achieve fantastic results for my client..they are fast efficient and fit the budget!

Joanne Grespan of Waterloo ON

The All Maid team does a remarkably better job of cleaning. They actually SEE what needs to be cleaned and take the extra effort to make it perfect. I would recommend her company to anyone looking to have their home professionally cleaned.

Lisa Shaffer of Preston, Cambridge

For over 2 years now, I have had the assistance of All Maid Cleaning Services in the maintenance of my home. I have 2 children and a dog so there never seems to be an end to the cleaning needed to have a presentable living area. But with Jodie and her team of professionals, I don’t have to worry as I know that when I get home from work, I am going to walk in to an immaculately clean home which makes it easier to relax at the end of the day.

Jennifer Showers of Hespeler, Cambridge

All Maid Cleaning Services has been cleaning my home for over 2.5 years and has always gone above and beyond to ensure that each time it is cleaned, there is nothing missed. I own a large dog that sheds a lot and the use of the Dyson vacuum system has made a vast improvement in managing the hair in the carpets and maintaining a higher air quality. It is definitely a perk having All Maid in on a weekly basis.

Angelique Mohring

Jodie has been cleaning my house now for nearly a year. With two kids, a fast-paced career and a very busy schedule – she is much more than a simple luxury for me each and every week! In addition to the positive burst of energy she brings with her on each visit, I am always rewarded with the peace of mind that my house is going to be spotless. I love coming home to a level of cleanliness that seems almost magical. Honestly! She cleans not only on a regular, every day expected level that any hire-by-fire cleaner can do – but she somehow finds dirt that you didn’t know was there! Your reward is a level of cleanliness that absolutely frees you of having to “go over what the cleaner did” and instead gives you time to ponder what bottle of wine to enjoy now that you can put your feet up for the evening or … who to entertain on the weekend!